How to recover password in IBM WAS Admin Console

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Now we are going to learn about How to recover password in IBM WAS Admin Console. In general, there are two ways in recovering the password in IBM WAS Admin Console. They are clearly described in the following steps:

1. Disable the security for WAS and login as anonymous. Go to security settings, if it is local security are free to modify the password, but if it is LDAP user then find the user and check with LDAP team for respective user.

Now in Production environment this becomes next to impossible to disable security, we can find the password by using step 2.

Process II:
  • Login on server ( either application server or deployment server).
  • Go to directory profiles/profie_name/config/cells .
  • Open file security.xml.
  • Look for tag user Registry
  • Find the encrypted password for respective user
  • Enter the encrypted value to URL : http://www. sysman.nl/wasdecoder/
  • This will decrypt the password for WAS admin console.

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