Interview Questions

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Interview Questions

1. What is JavaBean?

A) A JavaBean is a Java Object that is serializable, has a nullary constructor, and allows access to properties using getter and setter methods

2) What is DD/Deployment Descriptor?

A) a deployment descriptor describes how a web application or enterprise application should be deployed. It directs a deployment tool to deploy a module or application with specific container options, security settings and describes specific configuration requirements

3) What is the deployment descriptor of EAR?

A) ibm-web-bnd.xmi, ibm-web-ext.xmi, web.xml

4) What is the deployment descriptor of EJB/WAR?

A) ibm-web-bnd.xmi, ibm-web-ext.xmi, web.xml

5) How do you find memory leaks? At what situation memory leaks occur –Give any 3

A) examples? Is there any tool to find memory leaks?
   memory leaks in happen if objects not closing in java program

6) what is load balancing?

A) Edge component, BIGIP product hardware load balance. It will be connected to router and switches, Web-server – to – app. server load balancer.

7) What is Work Load Management?

A) Fail-over, High availability, scalability and security are coming from Clustering (WLM). 
   Two main features are - Load Balancing -    Affinity WebSphere WLM is offering these two features on different levels like -   Application/web Server Clustering

8) what is meant by profile? How many types of profiles are there in Was v6.0?

A) 3 types of profiles in 6.0 1.application server , 2. dmgr, 3.default

   in 6.1 there are 4 – 1.dmgr, 2.app.serv, 3.default,4.cell profile(already federated app-server profile)

9) how you federate a node from deployment manager? and how you federate when global security is enabled.?

A) we can federate it from console, need to select Node under system administration section, then select a new node button then    provide required(soap port) data.

10) What is SSL ? How You configure SSL?

A) It is Already been configured will use dummy, web server part, certificate, configure in that virtual host.
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