Configuring IBM WAS without prompting for Password

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For Configuring IBM WAS with out prompting for Password, the following steps are involved.

  • For SOAP connection type (default) edit the following file to stop the server:
    Now, change the values of these properties:
  • Again, the user ID , with its password , is the user ID with Administrator role rights or the primary administrative user name defined in the user account repository.
  • It is recommended that you encode the com.ibm.SOAP.login Password propertyvalue by using following:
    \bin\PropFilePasswordEncoder.batsoap.client.props com.ibm.SOAP.loginPassword
  • Now, Examine the result and remove the backup file, soap.client.props.bak, that is created by command which is used previously. It contains the unencrypted password.
  • Start trying to stop the JVM, without providing the user id and password.
What is Java 2 security in IBM WAS?

Java 2 security provides a policy-based, fine-grain access control mechanism that increases overall system integrity by checking for permissions before allowing access to certain protected system resources.

New features in WAS S7

Security part had been separated, in prior version, enablingg security means, enabling security at admin console and application (J2EE security was always separate) in WAS 7, Admin console secuirity, Application security and J2EE security, all are independant of each other.
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