Disabling Security for IBM WAS Admin Console

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For Disabling the Security for IBM WAS admin Console, there are three steps involved with the perspective command lines as follows:
  • First go to command prompt and start typing:                              \bin\wsadmin.bat -conntype NONE
  • Now the Security command prompt redisplays. Now type the following command: “securityoff”
  • After completing this, type exit and restart the WebSphere application server.

This is one way of disabling security for WAS admin console. The other way is a direct way.  If the first process fails, then go through this direct process.
  • You can disable administrative security by directly editing the security.xml file: profile_home\config\cells\cell_name\.
  • Open this file and change the security attribute enabled=true to enabled=false.
  • Other security properties, such as Java 2 security and application security, can also be found in this file. Modifying the XML file should only be done as a last resort.

Note: "Do not forget to save an original copy of the security.xml file before making any modification."
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